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Maxwell Ryan

From this brand new source, a complete kit for making your own lampshade with your own fabric. I met Kiri last week and thought this a great idea instantly. Her site sells all the basic things you need and has tutorials. This is the basic kit to get you started.

Maxwell Ryan Founder & CEO, Apartment Therapy
Sarah M. Dorsey

I’ve wanted to make my own lampshade for a while, but the materials aren’t readily available in store… Having a kit that I could customize was a great solution!

Sarah M. Dorsey Sarah M. Dorsey Designs

These kits are so fantastic – everything you need to make your own lampshade, sent to you in a box, you just provide your own fabric or material! I love the idea of making your own lampshades – it’s so much more fun to be able to get just the look you want and add your own personal touches.

Manda Blogger, The Merrythought

(The kit) was super simple to assemble…. Big thanks to I Like That Lamp for making me like my lamp!

Dixie Dixie DIY

Got done with my shade yesterday! I love it! I have to say, I am so impressed with how professional it looks and how easy it was to do. I tested it out on a lamp and it fits perfectly on the harp! All the materials seem to be really high quality and were simple to use!

Jenna Rain on a Tin Roof

I LOVED working with this lampshade kit. It comes with clear, easy directions, all the supplies you need, is simple to use and the finished product looks great. You can also pick a customizable size for your shade, which is great as not all standard shades fit on thrifted or repurposed lamps.

Chelsea Blogger, Farmfresh Therapy

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