A gin bottle in a past life – metallic table lamp

Metallic glass bottle lamp

All those sleek modern lines… not bad for a $17 bottle of gin! Once painted in glossy silver, it is barely recognizable from its past life as a liquor bottle. Okay, so maybe the lampshade is totally wrong for this lamp. There will always be time to fix that :)


This is a basic bottle lamp kit without a harp. That means you must use a ‘uno’ style lampshade or find a harp and harp bottom and add it during assembly. Uno lampshade are very easy to find or make though. The great thing about this kit is that the cord is directed out of the socket itself, meaning you don’t have to drill a hole in the bottle to let the cord out. It also has a longer than usual cord for a table lamp – 8′ as opposed to the standard 6′.

Bottle lamp kit contents

This was the original bottle. To remove the labels, soak in warm soapy water. If its really sticky, massage in some lavender oil which helps break down the glue. Finally, make sure the surface is REALLY clean – no glue residue, no dust – I promise you, it’ll show up when the paint goes on! I find wiping the whole thing down with rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover helps here.

Once clean, it’s time to prime. I kind of like the look of just the primer! But there are bigger plans for this baby…

Ooh, shiny!
Spray painted silver glass bottle | ilikethatlamp.com

The lamp kit comes with 3 sized bottle adapters – choose the one that fits the neck of your bottle. Mine is a little loose. Nothing a bit of Gorilla Glue can’t fix later on.


Then comes the assembly of the socket. Thread the locknut, bottle adapter and check ring onto the nipple. Make sure that, unlike in my photo below, the check ring’s lip faces downwards – this will cover the neck of the bottle.  Then screw on the socket base.

The cord comes through the opening in the socket base, like so. IMG_0481

Pull apart around 4 inches of the cord so you can tie a knot. This is called the underwriter’s knot. Once the 2 cord ends are connected to the socket, it allows them to sit snugly in the socket base.How to wire a lamp socket | ilikethatlamp.com

Use a screwdriver to loosen the screw terminals in the socket. Locate the piece of cord that has some ridges or ribbing on it. Connect that cord to the silver screw terminal in a clockwise direction. Tighten up that screw. The cord with a smooth surface gets connected to the brass screw in the same way.
IMG_0484 flipped

Slide on the rest of the socket pieces. The brass cover needs to be given a bit of a wriggle around until you hear a few clicks, which indicate it’s been properly attached.


The finished socket can now be installed in the neck of the lamp. Perhaps yours fits fine just like this.IMG_0489

But I needed some Gorilla Glue to secure the socket in the neck properly, otherwise it would wobble around and fall out. IMG_0490

The finished product. I will definitely be adding a new lampshade to this one. Purple chevron stripes perhaps?


DIY metallic lamp, made from glass bottle | ilikethatlamp.com

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