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DIY makers mark bottle lamps

Bottle lamps are quite possibly the best introduction to lamp-making. Most people have a (very healthy) respect for electricity and are reluctant to mess around with wiring. Bottle lamp converter kits, however, provide an easy and low-risk way to make your own lamp base with something you probably already have around the home: wine or liquor bottles.

We’ve collected some of the best DIY bottle lamp tutorials from around the web to give you some pointers and inspiration.

learn how to make a lamp out of a wine or liquor bottle with these diy bottle lamp tutorials |

Tutorials by…
Amanda Macy Hall | 2  Rain on a Tin Roof | 3  I’m a transplant from California | 4 Knozie89 on Imgur

Of course, ‘Bottle lamp converter kits’ are the secret sauce behind the lamps in these tutorials, and you can buy them right here in the I like that lamp store.

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Read the full tutorial: Pottery Barn inspired DIY bottle lamp by Amanda Macy HallDIY bottle lamp tutorial

Read the full tutorial: Vintage wine bottle lamp by Rain on a Tin RoofDIY bottle lamp made using DIY bottle lamp converter kit

Read the full tutorial: I’m a transplant from California‘s Sam Adams beer bottle lampDIY bottle lamp tutorial

Read the full tutorial: Maker’s Mark bottle lamps by Knozie89 on Imgurmaker's mark DIY bottle lamp

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