How to make a tripod table lamp

DIY tripod table lamp |

This project is deceptively simple. Using a vintage drum snare stand from eBay, I made this cute extendable tripod table lamp using a bottle lamp converter kit. The video is 10 minutes long and it wouldn’t take too much longer than that for anyone playing at home. I just love those bottle lamp converter kits!



What you’ll need:

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  • A tripod. Get creative – music stands, camera tripods – anything with 3 legs and a bit of character!
  • A bottle lamp converter kit
  • Screwdriver


About the lampshade: in the video I used a Lamp Shade Bulb Clip Adapter to install the lampshade, since the kit does not include a harp and my type of lampshade did require one. Do you like the lampshade I used? There’s a tutorial for that, too.

DIY tripod table lamp |


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